iARECYCLING SERVICES - We deal in different kinds of recycling such as paper recycling, plastic recycling, metal recycling and card board recycling.
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IA Recycling is offering professional recycling services in Toronto by utilizing the skills of fully devoted team that is specialized in waste management area. Our goal is to develop healthy society and make it go green by providing following services.

Plastic Recycling:
Reprocessing of waste plastic is effectively done by converting scrap plastic into domestic products like medical equipment, plastic furniture, decoration pieces and plastic bags. The more you recycle plastic, the more you saves money and interestingly the more you contribute to make a green environment. Plastic is one of the major reasons related to the Global Green House Effect.


Metal Recycling:
Metal recycling is considered as one of the oldest forms of the recycling process, whereas, IA Recycling management has got expertise in converting scrap metal into usable one. Hence, the process of metal recycling works very smooth at IR and we use steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, brass, gold and silver metal products at large scale.


Paper Recycling:
At IA Recycling, we give first priority to recycle white paper, plain paper and newspaper. Our goal is to reduce pollution from environment by doing effective paper recycling. Paper recycling has range of environmental benefits and from economic point of view it always makes sense.


Card Board Recycling:  
Tons of cardboard is recovered everyday out of waste using state of the art machinery and diverted from the landfills. Cardboard recycling is a very handy process not only for users but also for manufacturers, as it consumes 25% energy to make a new cardboard. Why not recycle cardboard with IA Recycling? Get in touch with us and utilize our effective services.