iARECYCLING SERVICES - We deal in different kinds of recycling such as paper recycling, plastic recycling, metal recycling and card board recycling.
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IA Recycling is a well reputed company based in Toronto, Ontario. We are a team of dedicated professionals that offer wide range of recycling services that contains plastic, paper, cardboard and metal recycling with a view to establish green environment. We provide full service solutions for Toronto Waste Management that take place from manufacturing of product till the delivery of product to retail stores. We make sure that nothing gets wasted out of a product once used by consumers. As a matter of fact, it is observed that people waste plastic bottles, metal cans, broken glasses, card boards and paper products after using once in their life. Our goal is to make environment fully clean and healthy by applying recycling services to get better output. Luckily, the expert crew at IR has done great job so far. From planning management to operations management, everything works with a flow and credit goes to our plant resource management team that has put brilliant efforts in improving Company’s production and also contributing in the progress of IR. Following Canadian environmental laws, our experts have taken great responsibility in establishing green society and this is how societies become pollution free. Conclusively, everything is being managed with the help of strong team coordination that makes us feel proud of IA Recycling.